USC Vs Arizona State – History – Another PAC-10 Rivalry

When you talk about USC vs. Arizona State history in football, you usually think of the USC – Arizona State football programs as having nothing in common. USC is dominant and has 11 national football championships to it’s name. Arizona State sadly enough for them have no college football championships. Arizona State football history pales in comparison to the amount of USC football national championships.

Recent history has showed USC cannot take any PAC-10 team lightly, however. Despite having a record of 58-9-4 going into their game with Oregon State in the 2008 season, they lost 27-21. Oregon State has now beaten USC three out of the last five times at Reser Stadium in Corvallis, and the last two ค่าคอมแทงบอล ufabet straight. USC probably would prefer to never play there again.

As for Arizona State, however, they have a 9-15 record against USC. They did beat USC the first time they played in the conference back in 1978 so they are probably hoping for more of the same this weekend. I do not think it will happen. Last year ASU had a higher ranking than USC in this matchup and still took a thumping. While the Trojans took a tough loss at Oregon State, they have now bounced back from that and Mark Sanchez is looking good at quarterback, although he may miss out this weekend due to injury. The Sun Devils gave up three touchdown passes last week, their offense is even worse and they are on a three-game losing streak. They will probably put up a fight like any PAC-10 team does against the USC football juggernauts, but they will not do enough to win. The key will be the USC defense shutting their stumbling offense down.

So, my USC football preview for this week is a convincing win, but not a thumping. The past in USC vs. Arizona State history shows that ASU actually has one of the best records in their college football encounters. However, I believe USC are not putting their guard down enough right now. Wait for later in the season for that. Even without Mark Sanchez, they are at home and their defense will take it to their opponents.

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