English Kids Excluded From Football

In England today large numbers of kids, largely poor and black kids, are excluded from football.
So November 2007 saw one English football (or soccer) team manager, Portsmouth’s Harry Redknapp, lament the lack of poor kids entering English football. He saw better-off kids as lacking the aggression needed for good passionately competitive footballers, and lamented “Where are the estate kids ?”

The answer of course is that they are excluded from school. Of 12 to 16 year old kids in England, around 20,000 are permanently excluded from school, around another 20,000 permanently absent themselves from school and around another 200,000 get repeat non-permanent exclusions from school. This is most poor kids and most black kids. These generally do not get into school football teams and so are never seen by football team scouts.

Of course English schools that mostly had their own football pitch 30 years ago, have now mostly sold their football pitches and ban football from playgrounds. Yet English kids, including the poorest คาสิโน and blackest, do still manage to play their own football – especially the poor and black kids. Most of the big estates that they live on have some play area where their football play can be seen every day.

English schools are increasingly enforcing middle-class values against any kids that favour sport or play over classwork. And many other countries are also moving in the same direction.
So the poor kids and the black kids of England are playing good aggressive football every day on their estates. But never does a scout from any football team venture into these no-go areas. Team scouts visit school games and visit football trials or football academies that need parents that can pay for them. They see only middle-class kids who can have some talent but often lack fire.

The poorest English kids do include the best aggressive footballers, but they are effectively excluded from football through no fault of their own – by the school system and the football scouting system. Many middle-class run English football teams instead pay millions to get poor kids from South America or Africa – because ‘we can’t find poor English kids’. The only thing to say to any rich-country sport scout, and certainly any English football club, is ‘you really should try to scout your local poor better!

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