Friendswin Review – Like MySpace, Only on Steroids?

Lately people are talking about Myspace and Friendswin and their similarities. Friendswin is the “new kid on the block” of social networking places for people that want to interact with other’s on the Internet. Friendswin and MySpace are both social networking sites, true, however, I have found a couple of differences, hence the phrase, that keeps popping up “Friendswin is MySpace on Steroids” In this Friendswin review, I will be explaining, these much talked about differences.

Social networking in growing by 84% each year because more and more people are using their computers to connect with people all over the world, in fact, amazingly enough, it is faster then the growth of the internet itself.

There are a Two ways to join:
1. As a Friendswin customer (free to join)
2. As an I.M.R. ($9.97 per month)

When a person joins as an I.M.R., for $9.97 per month, they then have unlimited access to video dating, video resumes, video conferencing, video and audio streaming, business advertising, Interactive games, music and blogs. Customers that join for free have the option to pay by the hour for several of these services.

Below are the main differences between Friendswin and Myspace:

Friendswin has chosen a business model to include their members in the companies profits. This innovative compensation plan will reward I.M.R. members that want to promote the Friendswin site. What this means to anyone who joins as an I.M.R.(Internet Marketing Rep) is that the company plans on paying significant commissions for referrals.

It’s a given that nothing in life is a “sure thing” but given the stats on the growth of social networking, $9.97 per month, doesn’t look too shabby of an investment to me.

Three of the Friendswin video features:

1. Video Online Dating – Member’s will have photo’s and best Crazy Bulk steroids a personal biography on their page, similar to other online dating sites, and they will be able to make a video of themselves as well.

2. Video Conferencing – This, essentially will be a videophone. You will be able to leave video messages and a person will be able to see the person that they are talking to. With Friendswin video conferencing, a person will be able to speak with up to nine people at one time, anywhere in the world.

3. Video Resumes – Applicants will be able to make a video of themselves explaining their background and the employers will be able to view their potential employee instead of weeding through hundreds of flat resumes. They will be able to see the applicants introverted or dynamic personalities. With this video feature job seekers will have the opportunity to be creative when promoting themselves.

During my investigation, I found out that Friendswin is not a 1-up or 2-up program, gifting or M.L.M. program, it is simply a social networking site to have fun, meet new people and make money.

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