How To Get The Girl and Be What Women Want

How to get the girl and what women want may vary from one woman to another, as no two women are alike. But amidst these individual preferences, fantasies whims or desires of a woman, there are certain common qualities that women want in the long run, and as to how get the girl, what women want are more or less the same qualities:

Being a friend first – Want to start to get her attention? Be a friend to her. one who will listen, be there for her, to care. To be someone she can lean on and depend on when she wants someone to listen and feel that you are there for her is a real attention-getter.

Honesty – women want someone they can truly trust,someone they have peace of mind with. With today’s times, honesty has become a rarer commodity and harder to come by, and once you have earned the trust of a woman you definitely set yourself apart from the rest of the pack.

Sense of security and protection – women want to feel they are “safe” in the company of a man, that he is there to protect her and will stand up for her to make sure she will be alright.

Chivalry and manners – To make a woman feel like a queen by opening the door for her, offering you hand to escort her, pulling her chair for her – these are simple gestures but definitely creates a lasting “wow” impression. Be well-mannered as well about how you talk, it gives a woman an impression of being a respectable and dignified man who carries himself well.

Sense of humor and wit – women appreciate a man who Çeşme Escort can make her laugh, just as a man will appreciate the same from a woman. Humor brings out feel-good hormones, so wit and humor is a plus factor. Does not always mean that you have to memorize jokes, but to have that funny wit to be able to be jovial, inject funny lines or situations when together is an added advantage. Many guys have trouble with this so if you are one of them, develop that sense of humor by reading, watching, or being with people who have this wit and humor.

Intelligence and maturity – Women appreciate a man who can talk smart and think well, one who can be relied upon when it comes to making important decisions and taking charge as the need arises. This gives a woman a feeling of reassurance.

A man with purpose and direction – Women want to know that their man can be relied on, that he is responsible and has some structure and direction in life, not necessarily financially well-off.

Appreciation – Women want to feel beautiful, special and wanted, and that her efforts are appreciated.

Love and attention without being too clingy or desperate – Women appreciate the attention and find it flattering, makes them feel good. At the same time however, learn to give some space, not to overdo giving attention, being too clingy and desperate for a woman loves a man who makes her feel emotionally secure without losing his sense of self-confidence.

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