How to Locate Profitable Products and Make Money Online

In this tech age everyone is looking at the internet as an opportunity for making some extra money. A great and a sure shot way to make money online is by retailing out products you have purchased at rock bottom prices. You can do this either by advertising, setting up your own online store or by using auction sites like eBay.

The question is – Where do I find profitable products which can be sold over the Internet?

Below I have listed some handy tips to give you an idea where you can locate products that can earn you more than what you have ever thought:


  • Look out for garage sales. In such sales you will find products at really low prices. Just add your profit margin to the existing price label and sell it online. It couldn’t have been easier than this.
  • You will most likely find plenty of stuff stored away in your home that you can easily make money online with. Just make sure that the items are in a good state otherwise no one buys it. This way your level of investment goes down and your level of profits shoots up.
  • Buy Private Label Right products online. It could be e-books, software and the like that you develop and resell online. This is a lucrative business model you can profit hugely from when you know what you are doing.
  • Visit department stores during the sales period. Many shops have offers like one plus one free and “happy hours”, during these time slots discounts are higher. The greater the discount you get the higher your profit margin will be. Generally you get discount on items which are not meant for the current season. Buy sweaters, long coats and similar during the summertime and sell them online at a much higher price during the winter season.
  • Resell other peoples products as an Affiliate. Locate the most profitable products by looking at its earnings per click or gravity. Advertise them on your web site or slot88 directly using pay per click. This is an easy way to make money online since many vendors offer up to 75% commission.
  • Another way to make money online is by purchasing products at cheap rate from wholesalers. Although you might have to buy in bulk quantities you will make huge savings. Just add your profit margin and sell them online in bulk or one by one.
  • Flea markets is another place where you can find excellent products at really low prices. Look for unique items which will tempt every online shopper. Tag on the new price tag and sell it online.
  • Pick up less priced items from retail stores that does not portray its low price and sell them online with a solid profit margin.


I hope the above tips shows you how to make money online and where you can locate profitable products at great prices. Just make sure you don’t compromise with the quality part if you want your customer to purchase from you again and again.

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