If They Have the Desire, Every Kid Can Learn How to Block in Midget Football

To succeed in football, no matter the level there is one simple formula every team needs to follow. That formula is blocking plus tackling equals Football success. This sounds simple, but many coaches forget this simple formula. They are more concerned about the “Wildcat” or some offensive system and forget the basics. At the pee wee level blocking is most important, next to god given greased lightning speed. If you do not have the fastest player in the league, then blocking will be most important. The winning squads are always the best coached teams. The all share the formula above, meaning they block and tackle better than the other teams. Blocking at the youth football level is 98% mental attitude. All children who pay attention to their coaches, and have the willingness to learn, will turn into an efficient youth football blocker. Everyone on the field needs this skill because they will need to block someone at some point during a game, possibly on a special team or an interception return.

I know in my heart, that each child that wears a football helmet and straps on a pair of shoulder pads can be taught how to successfully block. Each player may not succeed at executing every เว็บบอล ดีที่สุด different style, or type of block, but each player can execute at the minimum, the really introductory blocks. Each kid can be coached on how to properly assist during a double team block.

Only players who do not want to be on the team and put in no effort, have a problem learning how to block. Get used to it at the pee wee level as many kids are forced to play by their parents and have no desire to play football. If you are coaching a “B” level team this may be the case with many of the players on your team. It is common for me to ask certain parents why they have registered their son to play football when the child clearly has no desire to play. The players tell me straight to my face that they do not want to play and their parents are making them. I usually talk to the parents and try to put it in perspective explaining that basketball is a contact sport, while football is a collision sport.

In my many years of coaching youth sports, I have never received one valid response from a parent on why they make their kids play a sport the kid hates. The standard, or canned, response is they do not want their kid sitting around the house watching TV or playing video games. That is what soccer is for. Let them run crazy with no chance of collision contact.

In any case, off my soapbox, let me correct my statement to all willing players can be coached to block. The most satisfying part of coaching blocking, at the pee wee football level, is that with proper form and using their brains any player can have success.

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