The History Of The Wag

but a singular “Wag”or “WAG” is often used to explain a “Wife or Girlfriend” of the rich and Famous or sports stars.

During the world cup of 2006 the press gave increasing coverage to the Wags of the England Football Team, covering all their drinking sessions and shopping sprees,even blaming them for England’s early exit from the competition on the Wags Distractions.

The Most Famous Wag is of course Victoria Beckham wife of David Beckham who has the papers Describing her as “Queen of Wags” by the New Yorker & The sunday times Stating She is “the original Wag.4 WAGS would not argue with them either, As one Wag leave’s the spotlight another one enters, Cheryl Tweedy who married ashley Cole in july 2006 under the headlines “WAG WEDS” is the most popular WAG currently in the spotlight after her very public but temporary split from her Husband an England football player.

Britain has a fond affection with Wags, Here are a few Paper headlines “The Sun” “The super Wag” Coleen McLoughlin, Sunday Times described Carly Tucker Girlfriend of England footballer Joe Cole as “The new WAG on the block”

The Wags rise in popularity has resulted in Coleen McLoughlin Girlfriend of England and Manchester United footballer Wayne Rooney Launching Beauty products,modelling clothes for ASDA, and having her own TV programme “Coleens Real Women”

The Wag is here to stay and the shift from footballers Wives and Girlfriends is everufabet เข้าสู่ระบบ more evident as the new kids on the block are “CHAPs” Celebrities, husbands and partners “HABs” Husbands and Boyfriends “MAGs” Mothers and Girlfriends “SADs” Sons and Daughters and because my partners beloved England are not at this years world cup there will be a lot of “SWAGs” Supporters without a game in the summer of 2008.

It has been reported that Fabio Capello the new england football manager has shown the WAGs a red card, but they are here to stay, and year on year the numbers grow as the footballers WAGs scramble to get the title of WAG of the year, up and coming names to look out for are Abbey Clancy Girlfriend of England Footballer Peter Crouch,Charlotte Meares ex partner of footballer Jermaine Defoe and last but no means least Liverpool Captain Stephen Gerrard’s wife Alex Curran.

The style and looks of the WAGs are scrutinized daily by the English tabloids putting pressure on them to always look good every time they are photographed, which of course they do.

We celebrate the fact that us Girls are all somebodies WAG and offer WAG Handbags, a

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