The Hyperborean Mythos, The Lost Dark Book Of Islam

I read of it first in a diary of artifacts, the abnormal ‘Dull Book,’ which was supposed to be the draft of the principal Qur’an, before it was assembled some time during the seventh Century, however what others have now called, a bizarreness of an erratic pastorate of his day, has been drawn out into the open. He clearly carried on with an existence of inquisitively and kicked the bucket in a terrible and secretive design, he was the recorder of the supposed ‘Lost Dark Book of Islam’, and in absence of his name we will call him, with a capital letter, the ‘Copyist.’ It was my fortune to approach this anonymous copyist, the Copyist, to track down the first altering of this alleged, ‘Lost Dark Book… ‘ was a wonder. Furthermore, to my seeing just about six of these books at any point existed, concerning the Copyist, he composed the first (with side notes, the side notes being the most critical to the disclosure), and in no time his provocation and destruction which surpassed the recorder, – is lost to the far off past; authorities of interesting writing attempted to conceal their duplicates, anonymous factions predominantly and the reedited notes, and other broken interpretations were made of it, of every last bit of it. In the end, everything except one of the first duplicates were obliterated, and that was the Copyist’s duplicate. Also, the cautiously un-expurgated release put into a place of refuge for 1400-years in Syria. The volume I coincidentally found unexpurgated, had weighty calfskin covers, and corroded iron hasps. There have not been numerous owners of this book, all others were burnet to cinders by Mohammad’s world class supporters, after his passing, this one secret duplicate with its valuable notes saved for the good of any kind of family down the line (570 – 632 A.D.)

The guardian of the parchment, went through his entire time on earth, whole life diving into the illegal subjects inside the book, and got access into the incalculable mystery works of this invulnerable book’s notes, its unique original copy notes, takes note of nobody at any point had perused in its full clearness, however the manager and me for a really long time. At the point when I read them, it was frightening, at this point clear in depiction on how it was assembled, composed, and by whom. Finding out about its development stirred uncomfortable hypotheses regarding what it was that the Copyist dreaded? What dull issues for example were contained in those obscure notes, the recorder had written to frame a total illegal history of the unpublished composition, and his notes he worked persistently on, notes to make sense of which lay greenery and provided food all around the floor in a locked and catapulted chamber, the exceptionally one he would be seen as dead in with signs of claw fingers of some fiend’s effort, around his throat. Certain things won’t ever be known, however sorting the pieces out and understanding what he had composed, and parts that were singed painstakingly kept-that had transformed into purple-brown, grouped together firmly uncovered the name of the Henchman appointed the undertaking, was explained by the copyist: the substance of the unpublished book seems like a raving evil presences furor, and partially, an untended nursery behind the place of murkiness, thus I will peruse a piece of it.

I will tell it in reword in the voice of the Copyist, as though left to the ugly recollections of the author, this thing of murkiness, as he recorded those notes step by step: ‘recorded as a hard copy the diagram of the Qur’an, Agaliarept was alloted to the undertaking not exclusively to look after me however to teach me on practically everything about, what not to say or compose or think (yes even to consider), by Iblis, whom advised him to have me utilize the name of Gabriel, as God’s courier, go between’ instead of the Henchman’s.’ Menacing he was, and the recorder agonizes among this dim legend to be, how would it be a good idea for him to respond? Keep stowed away those notes, or annihilate them? However, is told regardless to record the Arch Angel’s name as the voice of God to Muhammad. Also, to call God, Allah. However, who is Allah, and Agaliarept, Henchman of Hell, Lord of five Legions, tells the Copyist: ‘Allah is Baal.’ And then he is told to make the association with Abraham-some way or another, at any rate conceivable (thus the line is associated between Abraham’s female worker, and her child, which is Abraham’s child also, ill-conceived one could say… which is easily proven wrong!); and to make Christ, the unforgivable sin inside its first parts would it be advisable for anybody anyone of this new religion take special care of any semblance of him! Also, Mary of Jesus, to make her not exactly unadulterated, hence to deny the Immaculate Conception. Furthermore, it would look the lost and neglected book, addresses one of the obscurities of Lucifer’s joke to God Almighty, to get to God Satan realizes he should involve man as his the lost ways claude davis device, his vessel, for it is through man he lost his standing, he faults his un-pardoning by the Most High! For can a fly battle a falcon? Also, does the bird waste time with the fly? For Baal, whom goes back maybe 9000-years was a divine being that sat idle, as Allah, not one apparent wonder to substantiate himself deserving of the title ‘God’, he would be utilized as the model for Allah (for Allah, he wouldn’t resemble the Jewish God or the Christian God, he would be like Baal; of no outcome, that toward the end, the end when the final expressions of Baal sounded, all that would remain were the vast graves to be filled in by the elevated hands of Lucifer, his Islamic adherents… ).

I was disheartened to observe the Copyist excusing Allah as an antique, relatively antiquated as Jericho, that he, or they were something like a stone monument of sorts, a stone sculpture of no outcome, equivalent to an entrance, or a monolith. In any case, what an unfavorable name, it has taken on, with its morose elevated furious tides, neglected billows of secret, squalling whirlwinds and witchery.

This was for me a ramifications of colossal vestige, hugely of interest, and the guardian of the book-as I had remained with him for a considerable length of time, – forgot about the book, uncovered, and the downpour came, and one morning as I woke to duplicate the book by taking photos, it was rodent eaten and decaying: independent by the attendants insurance after such an extremely long time, he remained by the book as acted like a secure fortification, said: “I should save the universe of the inauspicious story you are going to tell them, they will botch an opportunity of seeing the book, of notes,” and that was that, and his mind-set became consistently hazier.

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