Traditional Bulgarian Souvenirs – A Piece of Unique History in Your Hands

Bulgaria is a nation of numerous practices and customs protected through time. With over 1300 years of history, the nation has been engaged with many conflicts with its Balkan neighbors who left their social engravings in the time. Still the Bulgarians figured out how to save their customs and legends immaculate. Guests and sightseers in Bulgaria will actually want to bring home a cut of this particular history by buying conventional trinkets and presents.

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Customary outfits exist in numerous assortments and structures relying upon the diverse Bulgarian districts. The principle parts of the ladies’ ensembles are long cotton shirt dress (soukman), cover with customary weavings, belt, hanky and the alleged “tsarvuli” – woolen or cowhide conventional shoes/shoes. The male outfits incorporate white or dark customary pants, shirt, weaved vest, wide woolen belt and dark or white sheepskin cap (kalpak). The shoes (tsarvuli) are hand produced using calf calfskin and are ordinary for all Bulgarian locales. Other well known customary material items are carefully assembled woolen rugs and mats. The most mainstream ones are created in Chiprovtsi, a humble community in North Western Bulgaria. Another significant focus of the rug business is the southern piece of Rodopi Mountain. Exceptionally mainstream cover designs are theoretical mathematical shapes just as blossoms and birds shapes.

“Martenitsa” is customary adornment from red and white string which is identified with the Bulgarian custom “Baba Marta” (Grandma March). It represents the finish of the colder time of year and the start of the spring. Bulgarians give one another and wear “Martenitsa” during the period of March. The conviction is that “Martenitsa” brings best of luck. It comes in various assortments, however the average one is as male from white string with the name of “Pizjo” and female from red string with the name of “Penda”. On the last day of March the greater part of individuals hang their “Martenitsa” on blooming organic product trees.

Bulgaria is known as the nation of the rose and is the greatest maker in the realm of rose oil, which is utilized in the aroma business. The Rose Valley is the significant rose developing area and is situated Turkey spoon rest in southern Bulgaria with town Kazanlak being focal point of the rose oil industry. The most mainstream rose trinkets are vials of rose oil quintessence regularly around 2ml. They are sold in packs of ten or independently stowed away in a wooden conventional doll or cut wooden jug.

Woodcarving and enlivening earthenware stoneware are different regions where the Bulgarian traditions are very much protected. Popular trinkets for sightseers and guests are wood cut boxes, wooden dolls in customary ensembles, wine or water bottles (baklitsa) and beautifying wine container (bure). The most famous earthenware keepsakes are plates and bowls from the town Troyan which are earthy colored shaded with delightful white, beat up drop designs.

The conventional instruments of Bulgaria are incredible decision for vacationer gift or memorabilia. They have been utilized during that time and the 500 years Turkish standard to save the Bulgarian soul alive. Run of the mill people music instruments incorporate goat or sheep bagpipe (caba gaida), woodwind (kaval), customary two-headed drum (tapan), rebec (gadulka) just as ringers, clappers and whistles.

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