Yamaha Home Theater in a Box – The Best in Home Cinema

Yamaha have been involved with sound since 1887 when they produced their first reed organ. From there they moved on to designing and making other musical instruments gaining a reputation for being the worlds largest producer of musical instruments.

Of course that was just the beginning, because in 1986 a new era of Digital Sound had been discovered allowing Yamaha to expand and enhance the entertainment world by creating new and improved home cinema systems.

After even more years of research f95zone and testing Yamaha have uncovered state-of-the-art video and audio components that offer the best in music and movie enjoyment at home.

Now, in the 21st Century Yamaha is one of the leading brands in the home entertainment industry and have moved one step further to giving consumers what they want and need in top class home audio and video equipment.

Yamaha Home Theater In A Box is exactly that. You have all that you need to get a home cinema up and running in just a short while. All the basic components are there in the box and all you have to do is read the manual and put the unit together.

Gone are the days when you had to shop around for separate parts to put a home cinema together. All you need is a TV and a nice comfortable chair to sit in when you’re done putting the unit up.

These are also a perfect gift for someone who wants to start building on a home theater but doesn’t know where to begin.

One of the more popular collections in the Yamaha Home Theater In A Box packs are the YHT models. These are popular with the beginner in home theater but are also bought by experienced users who want a change from the norm.

The YHT models are high quality pieces of equipment for low prices so they get snapped up pretty quickly in the stores.


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